over the course of father’s day and my birthday i broke down and bought myself a raspberry pi.

the virtual pi idea i had was cool, but wasn’t really working out.  i was having trouble doing anything with the laptop’s integrated camera from the virtual pi without locking up Virtual Box, and i couldn’t tell if the problem was between the virtual pi and VBox or between VBox and my laptop…

dejected, i started poking around the ‘net reading stuff about RPi and saw that Make: magazine sells some of their wares through Radio Shack (?!) so i looked on their sight and, sure enough, they carry the RPi.  not only that, but they had them in stock at my local store and they were on sale!

so, now i have an RPi connected headlessly to my wireless network where i can SSH and VNC into it from any of my other machines, or even my iPad… the iOS VNC viewer app is amazingly functional so far – see for yourself:

iPad VNC
iPad VNC showing keyboard

now i’ve also found a local raspberry pi (and general fun hacking) meetup to attend, and am on my way… let the hijinks ensue!  😀