found out early last week that micro$oft has screwed my local gamecrazy down to a mere 8 xbox 360s on day one, and guess who was 9th on the pre-order list! i ordered this thing in august, yet i’ll have to wait until the next shipment (~05dec05, 2 more wks!?!) to get it… bastards! don’t they know i’m an impatient early adopter?!

unfortunately i’m locked into gamecrazy ’cause i’m paying for my 360 w/ the $270 in trade that i’ve saved up over the last year. that’s right. all my carefully laid plans are foiled. as they say, it’s murphy’s law… and i wrote it.

i’m 91.3% convinced that this is not only an effort to turn the 360 into this xmas season’s tickle me elmo, but also an attack specifically targeted at the buy/sell/trade shops like gamecrazy, since they directly cut into M$ profits.

well, until then at least i have that copy of shadow of the colossus i won… oh, and my copy of perfect dark zero and my play and charge kit to stare at.