since we’re in the calm-before-the-storm in world of warcraft that is the last few weeks before a new expansion hits, i’ve been taking some time away from all of my crafting alts to play on my main again.

part of this is tying up loose ends. there was still one little area of vashj’ir he hadn’t explored and some other low-hanging cataclysm achievement fruit he’d not yet picked. most importantly though he’s finally capped all of his secondary skills (thank you, darkmoon faire!)

some of it’s just fun, of course. i ran a few heroics, am going for the ‘professor’ title, and decided it was about time to get back in that iconic death knight starter gear (see exhibit a above).

for the most part, though, i’m runnin’ on him a lot because when mists of pandaria hits all classes are going to see play changes and i want to get all the way back in the zone with cataclysm frost dual wield before patch 5.0.4 hits in less than two weeks (!!) so i will be able to feel and recognize the change.