News flash: I like monks.

In Diablo III I’ve been playing a monk, now up to level 26, and he’s a blast: lots of AOE damage, zooming around the field in a fight, and – paradoxically – hilariously humor-free dialog.

Similarly, in the Mists of Pandaria beta, I’ve been digging the monk. In fact I had a bit of a revelation the other day: I think I’ll finally be able to play a Night Elf past the first ~10 levels.

Those two paragraphs are related aside from having the word monk in them… let me explain a bit: I’ve always found Nelfs to be so boring… I’m a Horde player at heart anyway, but my daughter and my other close friend that plays WoW are both Alliance-bound, so that’s where I find myself. I can’t stand humans (who fires up a fantasy game just to play a human?), draenei are too manly and goody-two-shoes, I got burned out on dwarves after my time with WHU, because of this I have three worgen (one of which will soon be a panda) and two gnomes.

But playing a monk in D3 has given me an appreciation for that stoic, dry humorlessness whose closest analog in WoW is, I believe, the Nelf male. I never thought I’d be saying this but — considering that I don’t want to start a stereotypical Panadaren monk, worgen can’t be monks, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing way too many gnome monks — I’m actually stoked to roll a Nelf… weird.

I also think this will work to my advantage in terms of game play convenience when Mists of Pandaria launches. I’m basing this assumption on my experience with the beta — upon logging in the first time I tried copying over one of my 85s to hit the new zones in Pandaria: the area was choked with players; I rolled a new Pandaren and dropped into the starting zone: even worse overcrowding; but then I decided to try rolling an undead* monk: there was only two of us in the entire starting zone! I had 100% free reign to try out the new class without knockin’ elbows with every other freak in the beta, and it was awesome! I know the Nelf area won’t be that wide open at launch, but I do think it will be better.

* – I’ve sworn off playing the Forsaken until they get rid of Sylvanas and figure out how not to be so vile, but this was just the beta and I just wanted to try out the monk. Sue me. /disclaimer

Anyways, I’ve got more techniques to reduce expansion-launch frustration to share, but I’ll save those for another post. 🙂