I guess this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise… I’m dropping off of SWTOR and going back to by old vices: WoW and Skyrim (plus some Left 4 Dead sprinkled in there for multi-player, console-time tomfoolery).

As you can tell by looking at my posts from March, I was really into SWTOR for a while, and it’s definitely possible that I’ll go back — especially with the legacy system having just been implemented. There are some UI lag issues that I find irritating while playing, but other than that it’s a great MMO concept, a lot of the design is really compelling, and the Sith Inquisitors/Jedi Consulars were a blast to play.

Why leave then? Well, there are two reasons:

  1. A friend of mine has returned to WoW after a long hiatus and joined the guild my daughter and I started over a year ago. Leveling with him has breathed new life into the game for me, and given me purpose (crafting items to help him out, planning our leveling experience, etc).
  2. Elder Scrolls Online has just been announced. I got so fired up as Skyrim got close to launch last year that I started playing Oblivion again; in turn, this news has got me all fired up to get back into Skyrim which, after an intense start, I sort of abandoned after getting SWTOR for xmas last year.

My #1 problem is that I’m a flighty gamer — I apparently can’t help but run to the new shinies — but this time the new shiny got dull a bit too fast for me, so I’m going back to pick up the old shinies again.

…he said, as if Diablo III wasn’t coming out in less than a week. 🙂