No leveling play today, just synthweaved (synthwove?) a few items for Nazareth.

Played a total of 5.5 hours.

Progress through the starting area was much slower without the side quests (obviously), so in order to keep up I was popping willpower stims and forgoing quick travel to walk everywhere, killing everything that got directly in my way and going out of my way to kill strongs and elites.

After two hours, I had gotten to level 7.5, but the only class quest left was “A Map for the Future,” the level 11 quest where you get Khem Val. I had completed the Khem Val quest at level 8 before, but I was fairly sure I wasn’t going to be able to do it at level 7, so I called out LFG for the two Korriban heroic missions* (The Hate Machine and Armed and Dangerous) and a helpful level 10 jumped in with me.

* – I know that’s kind of a cheat based on my original goals for Nazareth, but with no Flashpoints or PvP at that level it was really the only good way forward.

After we finished and parted ways I was level 8.5 and able to make it through A Map for the Future. I hit level 9 just before fighting Khem Val and beat him with life to spare. Once I turned in that quest and finished up the class-specifics on Korriban I hopped up to Fleet where I hit 10, grabbed my advanced class, and picked up my professions.

Before striking out on Nazareth’s minimal questing journey in earnest, I had Minister outfit him with some high-quality components for his lightsaber and had Bethlehem make him a belt and some boots.

I was just about to give Nazareth a rest and switch back to level Bethlehem for a bit (it was a mostly irritating second run through Korriban, after all) when I saw someone asking for a Black Talon group. That sounded good, so I joined up with a Powertech and a Marauder – nice that we were all different classes – and we ran that first Flashpoint. It was a great run and they were great to group with; an auspicious start to a side-quest free leveling path which left me in a much better mood before logging out!

Nazareth’s final standing after 5.5 hours:

  • Level 11.2
  • 355 darkside points
  • ~3k credits
  • Got the three Korriban datacrons
  • Only one Korriban Commendation*
  • Got a few gear upgrades (especially the endurance-heavy mod from the saber that Yadira Ban dropped!)
  • Tried out some of the crew skill missions and made some stims while waiting

* – I forgot to note this in the last update: when Bethlehem finished Korriban, he had 8 commendations, so he was able to purchase the blue chest (I think it’s this one) from the specialty vendor. But since Nazareth didn’t do any side missions (a great source of commendations) he finished Korriban with only 1 commendation.

One interesting aside: when Bethlehem made the belt for Nazareth, it came out “[Exceptional].” I hadn’t heard of this before (having never had a Synthweaver), but it means that the item came with an augmentation slot, which can be filled using augments acquired from slicing – another crew skill I’ve never tried… darn it. While I’d love to roll another alt, but I think these altoholic’s hands are full enough right now… Besides, it’s only one augment slot, I guess I’ll just throw myself on the mercy of the galactic market for now.

Next time on Bethlehem and Nazareth:

I’ll run some Warzones with Nazareth – I find SWTOR PvP to be very fun so far and I have that initial PvP quest you get at fleet, “Victory for the Empire.” In fact, I might just work on running him up to around 15 using PvP and Black Talon (I’d like to get the double-bladed saber that Yadira drops!). From there I think Bethlehem might blaze his questing trail into Dromund Kaas, also targeting level 15… it is a nice odd number after all.