played 3 hours

Got Bethlehem started:

  • Got to level 10 (and a half)
  • Acquired 400 lightside points
  • ~4k credits
  • Found 3 datacrons (+2 endurance, +2 willpower, and a red matrix shard)
  • Finished Korriban by completing all non-heroic side missions, and arrived at the Imperial Fleet
  • Picked up my advanced class (Assassin) and started on the Darkness tree
  • Learned professions (Synthweaving, Archeology, Underworld trading)
    • Completed a few Archeology missions and created belts for Khem Val and myself

I’ve done this much of the Inquisitor story ~4.5 times now. It was quick, easy, and somewhat boring, but I’m excited for things to come!

Created, but as yet unplayed.

I hope to start Nazareth tonight, though after playing through Korriban with Bethlehem and thinking about how to start off with Nazareth, I’m a little uncertain of my ability to strictly adhere to the plan for the first 10 levels:

  • No Flashpoint until Black Talon (requires level 7) when I reach the fleet
  • No PvP until level 10
  • And no space dailies until several levels after that when I finish Dromund Kaas

Even if I allow Nazareth to run the Heroic side quests (viewing them as sort of mini-Flashpoints), if I try to do them before ~level 7 I’m going to require some fairly strong characters to group with… I’m hoping a helpful guildie will be on, otherwise I might end up having to do a few of the side quests just to get off Korriban. 😐

No matter how tired I get of running through Korriban, I’ll always look forward to seeing Harkun’s face again when Ffon dies… jerk.