After my last post – especially the last line of that post – it dawned on me that I need to try the other paths of leveling my alts in SWTOR. Not only that, but I want to do it in a way that allows me to really compare it to strict quest leveling. So I decided to create Bethlehem and Nazareth – twin(ish) Twi’lek Sith Inquisitors (soon to be Assassins) who will take as different as possible paths to Darkness builds at level 50.

Both of these guys are going to gain XP via the mandatory class quests, killing things, exploration, lore objects, and datacrons of course. But in just about all other ways their paths are going to differ…

Bethlehem is going to follow the all-questing route. Other than the mandatory stuff listed above, the only XP he’s going to gain will be from side quests. That will include as many of the Heroic-level quests as I can manage, which I’ve been avoiding on my other characters. He’ll be learning synthweaving, scavenging, and underworld trading; and will run light side, which should be easy with all those side quests to be goody-two-shoes in.

Nazareth is going to do as little questing as possible. After the above mandatory stuff, the bulk of his XP is going to come from PvP, space dailies, and Flashpoints. Not a single side quest! His crew will be busy with biochem, bioanalysis, and diplomacy – the last of which should help him run dark side, considering the lack of side quests for him to practice being evil in.

My main, Minister, is a artificer and will supply them with all the crystals, hilts, enhancements, etc. they’ll need, but that’s it; he will not provide them with any other gear or credits. They will supply each other with gear and stims from their chosen professions. Other than that, they will have to acquire everything else the old fashioned way: they’ll earn it. That will make it as easy as possible to compare the two different paths.

And there are many aspects I want to compare here:

  • How different will I want/need to spec them?
  • Will I have an easier time keeping one of them geared?
  • How will their stats vary?
  • How will their bankrolls compare level after level?
  • Will it be easier to level the professions of one as opposed to the other?
  • What will be the differences in titles they’ll acquire?
  • What l00tz will be uniqiuely available to each of them?
  • And the most important answer for me: which path will I enjoy more, and what will that mean?

I’m very excited for this experiment. Will it take me twice as long to get them to 50? Yes. But I’m going to be attempting to experience pretty much every facet of the game along the way. And hopefully enjoying it! 😀