i’ve got another 3-part series for you now: enchanted items. creating my own enchanted items is one of my favorite features of both morrowind and oblivion, and in this series i’m going to cover my favorites — the ones that i’ve created, as well as the “pre-made” ones i acquired in-game — broken up into three categories: weapons, armor, and other items.

enchanted weapons

enchanted weapons i’ve created:

  • thor’s hammer
    • daedric mace
    • shock damage 25 per strike
    • ~70 uses, fully charged; enchanted with a sigil stone

this is my main blunt weapon, because above the usual damage it also does 25 shock damage. considering that i usually sneak up and hit for 6x… it really gets the job done. as of level 32 i’m a master in blunt and an expert in armorer, so just imagine the damage i do in one hit while sneaking…

  • mace of syphoning
    • daedric mace
    • absorb health 10 per strike
    • ~50 uses, fully charged; enchanted with a grand soul gem

syphon — as in absorb health — as in it not only hits for ~25 damage, but it also takes away 10 of your life and gives it to me. this was a weapon type that i came up with in morrowind, where it was extremely effective, and it continues to work well for me in oblivion. i switch from thor’s hammer to this whenever i need a health boost.

  • corrosive blade
    • elven shortsword
    • damage weapon 50 per strike
    • ~50 uses, fully charged; enchanted with a sigil stone

the story behind this weapon is interesting… i was crawling some cavern that was overrun with liches, and finally came to what i guess was the ‘head lich,’ who was shocking the hell out of me with a really great staff; like, one shot from that thing was nearly 1/2 my life!

i got up close enough to him to hit him with my mace once and it broke! oops! so i switched to my inventory real quick to see what else i could use. evidently, i had picked up a ‘sword of shattering’ earlier which had an enchantment of damage weapon 80 points on strike! all it took was two swings of that at the lich and his staff was broken! no more zappy-zappy! and apparently he had no other weapons, ’cause after his staff broke he just stared at me while i beat him senseless!

so anyways, i sold that sword when i got back to the market district (it was too heavy for me to carry around as a back up) but i really liked the enchantment, so when i later got a sigil stone from an oblivion gate that would add damage weapon 50 points on strike, i had to use it.

  • soul hunter’s bow
    • daedric bow
    • soul trap on strike for 1 second
    • 533 uses, fully charged; enchanted with a grand soul gem

another idea from the morrowind days, ’cause sometimes you want to soultrap something before it gets to you… in morrowind (since enchanting bows sucked (more on that below)) i had to enchant this bow with ‘soul trap on target‘, and then put it in both my melee and magic slots. first you use it as a magic item to fire a soul trap ‘bolt’, then you switch to melee and fire arrows like mad until they die.

this exact concept is impossible in oblivion, because you can’t create a weapon with an ‘on target’ spell effect, only ‘on strike’ (which is fine by me). what i had to do instead was enchant it with ‘soul trap on strike for 1 second’, which is far better! but how can soul trapping for only one second be better, you ask? for two reasons: first, the arrow at one time does both cast soul trap and cause damage; second, because by enchanting it for only one second, the magic cost is so low that i can use the bow 533 times before it needs to be refilled! and in the end, i don’t care if my arrows cast soul trap on my prey 15 or 20 times, as long as it’s cast on them when they die, so one second is more than enough if that same arrow takes their life.

realize of course that you can do this with any weapon. why enchant any weapon with soul trap for more than 1 second?! (unless you intend to juggle between weapons during a fight…) i’ve found several weapons enchanted with ‘soul trap on strike’ for 10, 15, and 20 seconds, and now i realize that they are just wasting power.

enchanted weapons i’ve found:

  • bow of inferno

man, is this thing great for sniping from the darkness. i believe it’s a daedric bow which has been enchanted to do ~25 fire damage per strike.

and can i just take a minute to say hallelujah to the fact that they have ‘on strike’ enchantments for bows in oblivion?! in morrowind you had to find enchanted arrows in order to have anything magical happen when you attacked with a bow, unless you wanted to beat your opponent over the head with the bow.

now combine the enchanted bow with enchanted arrows (like arrows of cleansing that do another 40 damage in 10 feet for 2 seconds!), and strike from the shadows for 3x damage, and you get a whole lot of fun!

other weapon enchantment ideas:

  • jink blade of syphoning – a twist on the regular syphoning weapon; there were weapons in morrowind with a power called “jink” which was a ‘paralyze on strike’ enchantment that lasts for a few seconds. combine that with absorb health on a fast blade, and you’re basically sticking your straw in for a long, slow, free drink of life.

alright, well that wraps up the enchanted weapons post for now. but i’m only 134 hours into oblivion… plenty of time to find more stuff to put here, so watch for updates!

the next installment of this series will cover enchanted armor. even though we can’t carry as many armor pieces in oblivion as we could in morrowind, constant effects are still one of the best things since sliced nirnroot.