the back story

all three times i played through morrowind i played a dark elf witchhunter, born under the sign of the lady. why? well i like the look of the dark elves, plus the resistance to fire is nice. the sign of the lady is groovy, ’cause you get bonuses to endurance (which raises your initial health) and willpower (which raises you’re magic defense). and finally, why witchhunter?

well, i like to be just about everything in an rpg. i enjoy a good fight, i love magic, and who doesn’t like to be sneaky, right? the witchhunter in morrowind was, as far as i could tell, the most balanced class between the three. it’s primary attributes were intelligence and agility; it’s specialization was magic; it’s major skills were conjuration, enchant, alchemy, light armor, and marksman; and it’s minor skills were unarmored, mysticism, sneak, block, and blunt weapons. (sorry for this long intro, but this all leads up to the creation of my custom class in oblivion)

the warrior-type skills are the least represented with blunt weapon and block, and magic is obviously heavily favored, but i think you can see what i’m saying about balance.

plus, the name is pretty sweet… witchhunter

march 22nd, 2006, 7:30pm-ish

when i was creating my first character in oblivion, i noticed that witchhunter was still in the list of classes (hooray!) only, wait a minute… wtf!? they gutted most of my favorite things from the witchhunter’s skills!

the new witchhunter has the same primary attributes and specializations, but the skills… as if it wasn’t bad enough that we went from 10 ‘leveling-up’ skills in morrowind to 7 in oblivion, the new withhunter has alchemy, athletics, conjuration, destruction, marksman, mysticism, and security. they turned him into a magic using half-thief! no more fighting skills, and no more sneak?! i couldn’t play this class… i had to make my own.

march 22nd, 2006, 7:31pm-ish

i wanted to try to keep the same vibe i had with my morrowind witchhunters, so i chose sneak as the specialization, with agility and intelligence as the primary attributes. for the seven major skills i chose blunt, block, marksman, conjuration, mysticism, light armor, and sneak. and i also wanted a name that brought about similar mental images, so after a few minutes of contemplation over a diet coke (with splenda, baby!), i came up with shadowchaser.

the ‘mental image’ around the name is important to me, and goes way back to the d&d days where i liked to play paladins that worshiped neutral-good gods (such as horus). for those of you that never played d&d, that sort of translates to a renegade cop in the movies… i guy who always does good things, but doesn’t always follow the rules to get them done. one who knows that just because something is legal/illegal, that doesn’t make it right/wrong.


(well, “now,” after 148 hours of play, my shadowchaser is trapped in leyawiin, but that’s beside the point…)

the first… oh… 100 hours with this formula were great. i leveled up decently fast, but not too fast. i was getting the bonuses in the attributes i wanted to. but by level 30 i had maxed out blunt, light armor, and sneak; and i was an expert in both block and marksman. the only easily levelable skills i had left were conjuration and mysticism, which i find myself using a lot less in oblivion than i did in morrowind.

however, i’ve been making heavy use of the restoration and armorer skills in oblivion; much more than i did in morrowind. so i think in the next iteration of the shadowchaser i’ll replace mysticism and conjuration with these two skills; and since i’m getting rid of the two intelligence based major skills, i’ll make agility and endurance the primary attributes.
i also like this — going back to the ‘image’ of the class — because it adds to the sort of loner aspect of the shadowchaser. he’s powerful and durable, quick and silent, and he mends his own gear and wounds. i like it.

here’s the final run down:

  • class name
    • shadowchaser
  • specialization
    • sneak
  • primary attributes
    • agility
    • endurance
  • major skills
    • armorer
    • block
    • blunt
    • light armor
    • marksman
    • restoration
    • sneak

i will probably create him as a dark elf, born under the sign off the mage, since i won’t be doing a lot of intelligence leveling, aside from security.


i will try out this version of the class sometime in the future (when there’s a big fat patch for the 360!), but for now… i’m having fun leveling up my paladin custom class in order to get my remaining two achievements. i’ll write about him soon.

anybody else with a great custom class they wanna share? or found a pre-made class that really fits your style? post a comment!