yes, i know i’ve written 7 posts in the last 2 years… i’m not apologizing this time. to be honest, i haven’t felt like i’ve had anything to contribute for quite a while.

however, skyrim — the fifth installment of the elder scrolls series — is coming on 11-11-11, and my posts covering oblivion have been the most read and commented on in my blog’s history.

i’m going to play skyrim to death, of course, but in the intervening 9 months i’ve decided to play back through oblivion for the third time. this time i’m going to wring even more out of the game — particularly the expansions, since i glazed over them last time — and will post here about the new directions i take.

the first new post is going to cover my re-revisited custom class: the “shadowchaser.” i wrote a post about it along with some intended improvements nearly 5 years ago(!?), but since i started back up this month, i’ve gone in a slightly different direction. after that, i may finally get around to writing the second and third posts on enchanted items i promised to write way back in the day.

if you’re playing through oblivion for the first time, or if, like me, you’re revisiting it in anticipation of skyrim, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment on any of these posts. if there’s something on your mind, let me know and i’ll give it a try. if you think something i’ve posted is wrong, let me know.