this is gonna be insane — and inspiring…flintlok and decoy

frostheim and the warcraft hunters union have organized an all level 10 dwarven hunter raid to be carried out friday, 09 apr 10, by <whu> on icecrown.  the actual mission is secret, but this friday at 7pm CDT my trusty new dwarf flintlok (pictured, pet may vary) and i are going to be spending at least ~1.5 hours with ~700+ other screaming, maniacal, armed (and possibly drunk) dwarfs.

i’ve not done much in the way of guild-based stuff before (i’m a shy one) but the other hunting runts in <whu> have been so cool and so motivated that i’m just about prepared to jump server for good!

[UPDATE: oh, and i forgot to mention, there’s a corresponding deathknight alt-guild on icecrown called <dead hunters society> that we’re all using to farm for our hunters (especially those of us who just started on this server).  my dk, flintrot, has — as of this writing — yet to clear the starting area and join the guild, but hopefully that will be done soon!]